Food as part of exam preparation

Food as part of exam preparation

Imagine, turning up for GCSE exams on a completely empty stomach; trying to approach the complex questions with a gurgling stomach.

That has been the situation for many Standard 8 learners in our schools in Malawi. Guided by education officers and the local community we worked out a plan to assist these learners to reduce exam and associated stress.

Due to Covid-19, changes in timetabling this year, the Malawi Certificate in Education exams were taken in September, a few months later than normal. Practically supported by Fr Owen, Parish Priest of Sitima , we were able to issue sacks of maize to schools to feed their learners in the run up to and during exams.

Its our fourth year of doing this and the results are speaking for themselves. The first year we offered food to the exam takers, results in the area went up by more than 12% and then the real icing on the cake was when last year the district received an award for being the highest achieving district within the Zomba area.

Looking forward to hearing of great results again this year