Disability Project

Disability Project

In September and October of this year Sheila and Jane were in Sitima working with people with disabilities. Disabled people and their families are very often among the poorest in a very poor area.

15 families, each with a disabled family member were supported. When compared to previous visits, it was great to see some progress in the development of many of the children, a few now walking, a young man ready to go to college and two girls with cerebral palsy doing well in school and fully accepted in their village. 

On this visit, the volunteers with N4BW were able to;

Advise on mobility, including how best to move limbs affected by cerebral palsy and stroke. 

Repair two wheelchairs. 

Encourage communication, providing pictures/books as aids. 

Provide toys to stimulate and encourage overall development. 

Give advice on continence 

Give guidance to carers.

Provide aids, mainly drinking cups, walking sticks, magnifying sheets, pencil grips, squeezy balls for exercising stiff hands and 2 mattresses to increase comfort and prevent sores.  

Offer practical support in the form of roofing plastic for repairs, clothes, resources for school.

Donate necessary funding for transport to a clinic or to hospital for appointments with a doctor or physiotherapist or, in the case of one family, for obtaining a wheelchair.