A village called Sitima

N4BW volunteers live in a purpose built house in the heart of Sitima Parish. This proximity to the villagers is fantastic, enabling numerous opportunities to share ideas and jointly develop plans for new initiatives


Women’s Sewing Group

More than two years ago, thanks to a generous donation, we were able to buy a treadle sewing machine which has been used week in week out ever since. The ladies of the village come together to share their sewing skills and as well as repairing clothes, many school bags,  decorative brooches, dresses and skirts have been made.


English Peer Teaching Programme

Three secondary school pupils run  weekly English language lessons with primary school aged children. These lessons take place after school on Fridays and are very well attended by eager learners. Volunteers have supported those running the lessons in providing them with training and resources


Children’s Craft Workshops

Most volunteers bring with them memories of fun filled crafts that they learned as children or ones they currently teach their own children or grandchildren. They are all too willing to tap on that excitement and willingness to learn of the local children and host  a number of creative workshops


Prison Visiting

Just a couple of miles away from the volunteers house is Mikuyu Prison which holds around 250 prisoners in very cramped conditioners. The prisoners all aged between 18 – 25 years have been sentenced to maybe 3 – 5 years in prison most of them having been convicted for theft. During their imprisonment very few of them see their families quite simply because their families cannot afford the bus fares to come and see them, many of them being 200 miles away. Volunteers accompany the priests on their regular visits taking with them some much needed supplies such as soap and skin cream as well as the occasional sweet treat. Then when the young men are leaving we provide a complete set of clothing to take them into the outside world.