Barbara, N4BW‘s Secretary visits Sitima


In her own words, Barbara shares her general impressions of the community N4BW is working with.

The main purpose of my visit was to learn about the work of N4BW, to meet the people in the community and to see at first hand the progress of various projects in order to be able to carry out my work as Secretary and Appeals Coordinator more effectively.

I was unprepared for the warm welcome I received from everyone. I was impressed with the resourcefulness of the community. It makes the best of what little it has; they are living on the edge- it would not take much to tip them from what can only be described as hardship into disaster. The annual threat of crop failure must be difficult to endure and yet, in spite of deprivation they are cheerful and uncomplaining, ready to laugh and sing at the drop of a hat. The singing at Mass on Sunday was joyful and the choir were truly wonderful. I felt that the community has hope in a better future and welcomes our presence amongst them.