Irrigation System

Can you envisage thirty two ladies working their vegetable plots all year round, even when the rains have stopped?

Well as a result of the installation of a solar-powered drip irrigation system those thirty two ladies are growing edible crops throughout all the seasons, feeding their extended families a varied diet and gaining income by selling surplus vegetables at market

Additionally many of them have taken up the offer of literacy and numeracy lessons and now report being able to read with their children and grandchildren

The project’s overall goal was to decrease the impact of natural disasters by providing irrigated land for use by the people most at risk in the community. The participants, all from Sitima or surrounding villages, have experienced severe hardships, most of them widowed and many bringing up their own grandchildren

It is still early days but as the project moves to full sustainability we are hopeful that some of the poorest and most disadvantaged families in Malawi have hope for the future.