The season of creation

We have seen and heard from the people of Sitima about their everyday experiences of climate change; about less predictable rainfall, increased flooding alternating with years of drought and then last year, Cyclone Idai, bringing severe damage to schools, homes and crops.

AGM 2020

At our AGM held on 11, August, the trustees expressed their sincere thanks to our many supporters who help in so many ways.

New desks for Kachere School

A note of gratitude from Headteacher, Mr Lawrence Banda

” I cannot believe how amazing the classroom looks. That classroom will become the envy not just of the rest of the school but also of all other schools in the district. Thank you N4BW”

Masks for Malawi

Malawi like everywhere else in the world is experiencing the traumas of Covid 19. At the time of writing, confirmed cases are 2500 and deaths 40. These figures may not seem high but they have shot up since the middle of June, thought to be because of the number of migrant workers returning to Malawi from South Africa.

Bikes galore

Network for a Better World sends sincere thanks to Bike Town Africa for their generosity in supplying a total of 330 bicycles to the area.

Malawi and Covid-19

The Coronavirus situation in Malawi, is ever-changing as in all other countries. The numbers confirmed are very low (16 cases and 2 deaths)

Clean hands every time

Long before the threat of Covid-19, volunteers were keen on teaching about the benefits of hand washing especially using soap.