Distributing Baby Clothes

Volunteers have been to the maternity unit at the Matawale Health Centre, just 15 kms away from Sitima, to deliver baby clothes to new born babies. Most women give birth at home but for some who experience a complicated pregnancy or birth, the Health Centre offers medical and after care for mothers and babies.

Easter Greetings to our friends and supporters

The photograph shows a mural which is behind the altar at Sitima Parish Church. It was created by Geraldine, a volunteer who developed beautiful murals within the church and also at the clinic, Three years following her visit with her husband, Nigel, the murals are as vibrant as when they were first done.

Merry Christmas

The trustees of N4BW wish our many friends, donors and supporters a very happy Christmas

She did it!

In walking 1000 miles Ann Haggin has raised an amazing sum of £2582 to be spent on classroom furniture and educational resources in Malawi.