Climate Change

Climate Change

The effects of climate change can be devastating to remote rural communities such as the one we support. Changing weather patterns can lead to crop failure leaving the community of the brink of starvation. Many of our projects have been focussed on mitigating the effects of climate change:

With our support, schools are now offering education on climate change, 

Our irrigation system, which has now been handed over to the community to run, provides 30 families with the means to grow vegetables around the year

We have delivered training in compost making

Recently we have provided each school with 100 saplings to plant around their school, including 20 fruit trees

A kitchen garden scheme successfully piloted in one village last year is now being extended to other villages

More than 1000 families are now benefiting from a solar lamp in their home

All of this has been possible through the generous donations of our many supporters and benefactors and the proceeds of our two 59 Clubs. As always, we thank you for your generosity