Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, which this year falls in Tuesday 2 December is a day of global giving where everyone is invited to do something for good causes that mean so much to them

Individuals are invited to volunteer their time, share skills, donate money or to choose another way of giving back to others in need.

Pope Francis recently wrote ‘Keeping our gaze fixed on the poor is difficult, but it is more necessary than ever if we are to give proper direction to our personal life and the life of society.’ He continued ‘ We have a shared responsibility for others and the world. Until we revive our sense of responsibility for our neighbour and for every person, grave economic, financial and political crises will continue.’ 

If you would like to donate your time, skills or cash to support some of the poorest people in Sitima, a very impoverished area within Malawi, the world’s 4th poorest country, please get in touch either by sending an email to or by pressing the red ‘donate’ button at the top of this page

Here are some suggestions about what your financial donations could buy

£3 Childs school uniform

£5 Hoe for working on the land

£10 Seeds for a family

£15 Dictionary for a school

£20 Maize to feed a family through lean months

£50 Sports equipment for a school

£100 Set of readers for infants

£500 Water supply and pump to village or school

£1000 Chairs and desks for a classroom