Bikes galore

Bikes galore

Network for a Better World sends sincere thanks to Bike Town Africa for their generosity in supplying a total of 330 bicycles to the area. The President of Bike Town Africa, David Brienza, arranged for the bikes, to be sourced, paid for and transported to the Sitima area.

Lots of people are benefitting and the bike distribution was as below:-

St Michael’s Secondary School received 195 resulting in every learner and teacher having a bike to use. If learners do not complete their education or teachers leave the employ of the school they are obliged to return the bike.

Luntha and Umodzi secondary schools each took possession of 34 bikes for learners in the final year of education.

The 17 primary schools and Teachers Development Centre each received two bikes to enable teachers to attend training courses and meetings and to transport poorly children to the clinic or to home

Sitima Parish was presented with 25 bikes to be used by local community workers around the 40 square mile district

And two small NGOs, ourselves and Anamalawi each received 3 bikes

Journeys by foot take such a long time so the provision of the bicycles will reduce travel time and increase accessibility for many

Thank you very much, Bike Town Africa.