International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Its wonderful to think that all over the world, on this day, women are being celebrated. We are having our celebrations here in Sitima too.

Today, we are celebrating the achievements of a special group of women from the villages around Sitima. These women did not get the chance to go to school; many of them are caring for their grandchildren and other members of their extended family but each of them has set herself a task of personal growth and development.

First of all, these ladies have learned to read and write.

They have created blouses to wear

And now they have knitted hats in time for the approach of the cold season

Most importantly these women have increased their confidence and shown their ability to make decisions and they have shared their skills with their friends

Well done to those ladies, who are a great example to their children and grandchildren

Elsewhere another group of Sitima ladies joined in with their local Baptist friends for International Women’s Day of Prayer and in doing so were united in prayer with many millions of women all over the world